Netherlands Scotland Kent England Borgward Tour May 25th to June 10th 2019


The tour is planned from May 25 to June 10, and goes from Belgium via the Netherlands to Scotland, from where we go to the English / Belgian meeting in Kent.

May 25th we will first drive to Uden in the Netherlands, where the annual meeting of the Dutch club takes place.

May 26th A trip from Uden to IJmuiden is planned, where we take the (night) ferry to Newcastle in England.

May 27th The ferry arrives in Newcastle and from there we drive to Edinburgh where we stay for 2 nights.

May 29th Drive to Inverness where we stay 1 night.

May 30th We drive to Northern Scotland where we stay in Bettyhill (May 30), Lochinver (May 31) and Loch Maree (June 1).

June 2nd We will spend the night in Mallaig.

June 3rd Drive from goes to Sterling via Fort Willam.

June 4th Drive to England via Sterling and Kendall to the Lakes District.

June 5th The journey continues to the Peak District, where we will spend the night.

June 6th We visit Cambridge where we provide another overnight stay.

June 7th We will drive to the English / Belgian meeting in Kent.

The UK Belgium meeting takes place between June 7 and June 9, and there are a number of visits and tours on the agenda.

On June 10 we take the ferry back to Calais, from where everyone can drive back home at their own pace.

You can of course also take the ferry home at an earlier or later time.

Some practical details:

For the Scotland trip we are working together again with Scenic and Continental Car Tours, the travel agency that also made the reservations for our Coast to Coast America trip last year.
They will book both the ferry to Scotland and the ferry back to Calais, and the 11 overnight stays between the Dutch and English / Belgian meeting for the participants in the tour through Scotland.
For this trip they charge an amount of about 2800 Euro per couple (overnight stays in a double room).
Besides the overnight stays and the ferries, the roadbook and the rally plate are included in this price.
Fuel, any paying visits, meals and other expenses are not included in this offer.



We wish to indicate that the organizers can not be held responsible for possible
accidents with personal or material damage. Participating in the event is at own risk.

or more information or help please contact Liz Watson Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1243 672197 or John Wallis phone on +44 (0)7788 973884