Matt Hunt 1957 Isabella TS Saloon Rebuild

Body repair Click Here

The rear sub frame was removed, dismantled all the necessary parts installed etc and is now ready to be bolted back on the car.

The car has now been delivered to Ray Marsh of Tannery Lane Coachworks Tel: 01483 340335 Mob: 07884 380705 for the body work repair and respray

This is the new colour grill has now been repainted and new chrome fitted.

To trim was in very good condition for the age of the car, I want to keep some originality so I decided not to re trim. The seat covers were removed and the piping was carefully replaced. when the seats were in bits I restored the runners and had all the relevant parts re chromed.

The door cards were also in good order. They were stripped from the old backs, the new cream trim was added as it was poor, once complete the new plated chromes were fitted now ready for re installation.

The old head was removed, It was sent to XRN Engineering Ltd where new push rod tubes supplied by Colin Fortnam and valve guides were fitted. The head was then skimmed and new inlet and exhaust valves fitted along with new springs. It is is now ready to be installed.

I wanted to use the original carb, It was removed and sent to Carburettor Exchange, 28F High Street, Leighton Buzzard, Beds, U.K. They dismantled cleaned installed all the necessary parts re assembled tested on running engine and returned.

The next batch of chrome has arrived from Silverbronz

Once the head was removed we found the engine was badly worn, once cleaned it was sent to Classic and Modern in Bracknell. They re bored the block and polished the crank in preparation for re assembly by myself and Mr Wallis. New pistons, rings small and large bearings and crank shaft shells were purchased from Matz in Germany and I just await new cam shaft bearings and brass core plugs to assemble. Thank John for the Timing Gear set.

Cylinder head ready for fitting.

Export Air Filter.

An export air filter was Purchased from Roger Day In Australia, The foot was broken and was kindly welded by John Wallis

An Original cartridge was found on eBay.

Resprayed Housing, Chromed top and chromed clips

Trial fitment to Cabriolet


The radiators have been re cored to the exact specification as original, gloss black paint applied to the bits you see.

All the ancillary parts have now been blasted and sprayed and all the washer and wiper parts have been restored ready for re fitting.

All brake and clutch cylinders have been renewed, the petrol tank has been cleaned and lined with a fibre glass coating, a new fuel pump and lines will be fitted

All of the internal paintwork is now completed and ready for fitting.

February 2016 the car is now back from Ray Marsh, so the fun begins !!!

Fuel tank and fuel lines are now in, I have installed an electric fuel pump to instantly fill the carb to stop battery drain on start up.

The first panel has now arrived, All brand new old stock external trim has been purchased from George Sinclair.

The next job for me is the preparation of the interior.

First I laid the sound deadening felt over the whole floor, I then installed a very high density foam to the floors, gearbox and prop shaft tunnels as required. A double foam layer was then installed on the fire wall Wiring in the boot now completed so the new mats can be tried for size.

The boot lid has now been delivered, trial fitment of bright work in trail prior to fitting.

Engine Bay has now been prepared and all parts in place ready to take the restored engine.

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