33st Borgward International Meeting Andernach 2007

The meeting was supposed to be held in Bad Münster this year but had to be changed at short notice to Andernach. The town was so welcoming in 2005 that it no no problem to return this year.

The Borgward Drivers club stayed in the Parkhotel adjacent to the Rhine and the adjoining hall where the celebration dinner and AGM took place. Unfortunately the weather was not as good as last time with rain showers however over 150 exhibits were present including 13 P100 big sixes, two from Mexico thus had no air suspension.

The Italian buffet dinner at the festival included a variety of exquisite dishes, so everybody could have something suitable! During the evening a few trophies for drivers of special vehicles have been awarded, among other things, for the first Isabella, a brown1954 saloon in original condition, On Sunday, after the annual general meeting at 1 o clock, these was a short cruise on the Rhine to the geyser.




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