26th International Meeting Bad Kissingen 2000


The anticipation for this year's annual meeting, the Bavarian town of Bad Kissingen was very large.
Most club members , from many European countries, had already been arrived on Friday. staying at the Hotel Reihten, where the event took place.
Outside the hotel the Borgwards stood side by side. The trucks, campers and traders on a large lawn. The weather had relented and gave us sunshine during the event , which made our day even better.

The main day of our meeting, Saturday, was again full of surprises. The registration was done this year by Gaby Krutzek Jurita Kimm. and childrern, Sasha and Ina Kimm, helped. Approx. 170 applications had to be registered.
After the official greeting was undertaken by our president and the mayor of the state spa of Bad Kissingen, the show and autojuble opened with many newly descobvered parts for sale It is unbelievable after so many years of closure of the works.

Another highlight was the well-organized convoy, which was attended by approximately 85 vehicles. When setting off among the many Isabella's so beautiful vehicles like Hansa 1700 Sport Cabriolet, year 1936; Hansa 2400 hatchback, year 1954; Lloyd LP 400/600/Alexander/LT; Borgward P 100/Arabella and Goliath 3 - and 4 - wheeled vehicles, aconverted pick-up vehicle made from an Isabella is a was also shown.

This year, there was no dinner at the evening event. Here you could eat at the hotel before a la carte. This solution went down well.

By 8 pm the music played on for a cozy evening. During this pleasant evening with good music, a special thanks went to the organizers and volunteers. 20 year members were all honored and given a picture. One representative from abroad as well as the friendly club was given a trophy. The first 10 winners of the tourist exit were also rewarded with a trophy. The first Winner, Lars Erik Larrson from Sweden, received a particularly beautiful and valuable trophy that was donated by, Bavarian town of Bad Kissingen GmbH. "
For the millennium year we had something special occur. Every registered club member received a voucher for 2000 pennies that could be charged at the cozy evening event with the drinks. As a gag, a money bag handed filled with 2000 pennies to Hartmut Riedel. he was chosen , because he had a birthday.

On Sunday morning we had a sumptuous breakfast buffet.followed by more car talk and then a e parade through the city of Bad Kissingen. At the parade was attended by almost all vehicles. At the Theater Square, the vehicles were presented by Mr. Loges.

Our sincere thanks go to the local organizers, Bernhard Hofmann and Joachim Scheuring, who have spared no effort and gave us an excellent meeting in glorious sunshine. Many thanks go to the city of Bad Kissingen for theirorganisation , the hotel , not to mention the airfield in the floodplain.

A further overview you can see from the photographs and the press reports.

Ulrich Kotte

Edited from the Carl F.W. Borgward International website.

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