27 International Borgward meeting Baden-Baden 2001

Four cars made the trip from the UK to Baden-Baden. They were, a '57 TS Saloon (Nick and Fiona and son Rufus); a '60 Big Six
(Graham and Julie Mander); another '60 Big Six (Peter Grove, his sons Paul and Richard, and Norman Williams) and a '59 Combi (Ted and daughter Michelle).
We crossed the English Channel to Calais on Thursday, 9th August. From there we made our way through Belgium and into Luxembourg where we spent the night.
On Friday we arrived in Baden?Baden.The latter part of the journey, passing through the scenic and mountainous Black Forest. A few rain showers were encountered on the journey but, having arrived, that was the last we saw of rain for the rest of the holiday. Early on Saturday, we assembled at the appointed meeting place, which was long tree-lined roadway through the Central Park. We were grateful for the trees as mid-afternoon approached. About 120 Borgward cars were assembled. Most numerous were Isabella Saloons and Coupes, and some Big-Sixes. Rarer models were a pre-war Hansa 1700, a post-war Hansa 1800, a Hansa 2400 Saloon and a 2400 Fastback. There were also two lorries. The standard of the cars was generally very high and some looked as though they had come straight from the showroom. Among the unusual category was an Isabella Coupe which had been fitted with twin downdraught carburettors, a tuned exhaust system, an oil cooler, electric fuel pump and radiator fan, and a floor mounted gear change. It promised, and no doubt delivered, enhanced performance. The other unusual item was a Borgward 320 GL. You may not be familiar with this designation. Well, it was the Mexican version of the Big Six, virtually identical to the original. The owner, a German at present working in Mexico City, had imported the car some years ago. Being on a brief holiday in Germany at the time of the Meeting, he was able to show the car. As usual the Essen Borgward Club laid on entertainment in the evening. This was in a hall in the palatial Casino building. There were no gaming machines in our vicinity but individuals were presented with prize cups during the evening. Between times we were entertained by a traditional dance troupe accompanied by a three-piece band that also provided music for the audience to dance to. Cars started to depart around midday on Sunday and it was time for our group to make the most of the remaining time in Baden- Baden. A trip on the funicular railway and a visit to the spa baths filled the afternoon and in the evening a meal in one of the many outdoor cafés. Once again we were not disappointed with our visit to the homeland of Borgward. The sight of so many beautiful cars re-inspires us to get working on our own cars. Unfortunately, the business of everyday life and shortage of time gradually fades our dream but we continue to live in hope. We arrived back in England on Tuesday to weather which, surprisingly was hotter than that encountered on the continent. The round trip had taken us about 1200 miles and I am pleased to report that unlike some previous years, there were no breakdowns.


Norman Williams

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