23th Borgward International Meeting Bernkastel-Kues 1997

The 23rd annual meeting of the CFW Borgward IG of 22-24.08. found for the third time, after two successful meetings in Traben-Trabach 1985/89, in the beautiful Moselle Valley instead.
Our club-mate Rudi had Frederick in the idyllic town of Bernkastel-Kues, the alignment over the event.
To anticipate: and this meeting was a success, it could emulate the success of the standard of previous meetings on the Mosel. As a hard place served the large parking lot of the Moselpark, situated high above the river valley. A new feature of the tradition of our annual meeting, was that almost all participants could be accommodated in this hotel. A good solution might be the trend for the future. After the evening feast no longer have to travel to a distant room and give up his beer or wine. Most participants had already arrived on Friday evening so that the space already well filled war.Das weather was at the bright side, no need to repent of his coming. After 20:00 clock then took a first meeting held in the hotel garden, this time as a planned barbecue.
In a relaxed atmosphere under the stars then exchanged the news from the scene, telling anecdotes, or experiences shared. 4 for the physical well dishes were grilled to Auswahl.Erst late evening broke up the good round. On Saturday morning, then met one of the remaining vehicles reported a total of 158 from 10 nations filled the space and provided a spectacular backdrop. Also this year was a selection of rare and beautiful cars will be presented. Truck: A 611-B with tow residential construction from the Netherlands, prepared very original! Similarly, from, NL ", a B 1000-cattle truck with wooden body, from Oberhausen, a B 511 (Alligator), in original condition, a B 611-bed. A very rare truck came from the Westerwald, a B555-cab with kiln-tippers. beautiful and rarely also the B611 bus by Jürgen Glaser of Neuwied. Rarely the camping bus Simmern the circle and the B522 by Werner Debrecht. A very well restored tricycle Goliath rounded the truck parade. But the automobile industry had to offer to the curious public a lot. The Race Coupe by Helmut hedges, the Pull man Hansa 2400 fastback by Gerd Würnschimmel Furthermore Hansa 3 1500 (Rudolf Schlecker, Horst Letzel, and a Belgian Fz), and the Hansa 1800 by Oskar pepper. Ostholstein Two P100 from Dusseldorf and fell on account of their good condition. The Isabella was present on the chassis number, the latest coupe. Furthermore, a blue-white limousine built in 1956 in its original state, admitted in Simmern.
Furthermore, fell on a very nice Coupe from Bergisch-Gladbach, a Sedan de Luxe 5 from Bremen and the combination of Norbert Dickmann from Mettmann. Excluding parts and accessories is not known, and this year has been the provider of new and used parts represented. But not only did it acquire spare parts, but also the Mosel wine, of course, a filling with the diamond on the label was there. 10.45 against the clock will welcome the participants was held by the mayor of the town of Bernkastel-Kues Dr. Gestrich and the Chairman Mr. Loges held. Dr. Gestrich found words of praise for the beautiful cars and highlighted the importance of such events for tourism. A group of musicians was responsible for the tonal entertainment, it could be purchased tickets for the big raffle. Around 1200 the clock midday meal was served, traditionally a stew with sausage. Time passes very quickly, unfortunately, on such occasions, the participants drove at 13.30 clock in the city where the Moselle Station held to launch the tourist should exit. Here on the banks of the Moselle with beautiful scenery, numerous citizens and tourists visiting our vehicles. The start of the subsequent tour took place at 15.00 clock. The journey led through the historic town of Bernkastel with its beautiful city hall (one of the most beautiful town halls in the late Renaissance in Germany), Michael Fountain, and the wonderfully preserved half-timbered houses. Then it went through the new 500 m long bypass tunnel to Grach, thence through the famous wine villages and Zeltingen Ürzig. It was here on a narrow winding road of ascent to the plateau of the Eifel. One often misunderstood landscape of harsh beauty, once wrongly called "Prussian .- Siberia" means, in Hontheim was then given a first special stage. A piston with connecting rod had to be thrown into a circle, where it mattered, as the center to . meet The whole thing took place in the vicinity of the so-called shoe tree, a mighty oak, whose branches with shoes and boots of all kinds is hung. American soldiers had made it to the custom of throwing their worn-out shoes into the tree, which would later lead to his release in the U.S. for a reunion with Germany. Then it went down in the direction. The move could see the high eight highest peaks in the Eifel. Down in a second check was waiting for the drivers, it could refresh themselves with Dauner-mineral water, which was kindly provided by the Dauner-mineral source. Then led the way past the lakes, the remnants of the volcanic past in Germany, poetically, called Eye of the Eifel,. The next target was the place Brockscheid, where a visit to the Eifel bell foundry was held. This was undoubtedly the highlight of this impressive exit. A representative of the company clearly explained the operations for making and casting of a bell. He explained the different types and their sound and gave the astonished laymen a glimpse of a rare old craft (some people thought with horror might return to the school, had to be where crammed with much expenditure of time Schiller's Song of the Bell) After this informative tour then led the way over Hasborn and the county seat back to the hotel Wittlich Moselpark. A beautiful interesting exit, with many impressions and sights that we will long be remembered, took place here after 2.5 hours late. In the evening at 19.30 clock struck one then the festive evening in the great hall. 350 people were on the aisle at the buffet, this was the patience of all heavily engaged. The staff who gave obviously not enough for these persons. After dinner Mr. Loges then opened the official part of the evening with the presentation of the foreign participants and chairman. They were: GH Sinclar England, Lars Erik Larson - Sweden, Luc Slugs - Belgium, Sakan Poutanen - Finland, Gerhard Würnschimmel-Austria, Switzerland and Bühlmann-Ulrich Nicolas from New Luxembourg.

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