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Many books about Borgward have been published and can be bought from good bookshops although some may be out of print.

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Most of the books are in German but due to the large number of pictures and diagrams they are of interest to all Borgward Enthusiasts.


Mille Miglia 1958 Borgward Isabella

Not a book I know but very enjoyable DVD

Film crew accompany the Borgward Isabella TS to Italy

In the second part of the movie you look at the research department of Borgward and observe a test of the front axle, which has contributed to the good functioning rally success.






DVD German


ISBN-10: 1855204932
ISBN-13: 978-1855204935


Borgward Isabella

A Collection of Articles Including Road Tests, Driving Impressions, Introductions and Technical Data (Brooklands Road Test Limited Edition)

This book contains over 35 road tests of the Borgward Isabella spanning 1954 to 1983





English, Paperback


Publisher: Transport Source Books Ltd (1995)
ISBN 1 85847 285 7

Borgward Series No.TSB285

A collection of photocopies of UK Road Tests, Articles and Adverts.
Some of the photocopies are poor quality but, nevertheless, they are an opportunity
to view Road Tests and other material which was originally published in magazines
such as Motor, Autocar, Motor Sport, Classic and Sportscar, etc.




English, Paperback 210 x 298 mm, 73pp.


Author and Publisher: Peter Kurze (2000)
ISBN 3-9806977-5-4

Autos aus Bremen series ‘Band 5’

An abundance of photographs of the Borgward factories, site layouts, and production lines
before, during and after the war. Pictures of Carl Borgward’s homes.





German, Hardback, 215 x 305 mm, 97pp.

Publisher: Schrader Verlag (2001)
ISBN 3-613-87215-3

Borgward Personenwagen 1949 – 1961

A collection of high quality photographs on good quality paper, predominantly b/w of
cars, sales brochures, press releases for Borgward cars; Hansa, Isabella and P100.
This book appears to be the cars only version of ‘Borgward Personen- und Lastwagen 1947 – 1961’





German, Hardback, 210 x 198 mm, 95pp


Author: Peter Michels. Publisher: Schrader Verlag
ISBN 3861331551


A history of C.F.W.Borgward and his products 1890 – 1963. Good quality paper. Plenty of
pictures, mostly in b/w but some in colour. This book could be considered a scaled down
version of ‘Vom Blitzkarren zum Grossen Borgward’ since it deals solely with car production.
The specifications for most models are included, as are production figures.



German Text Hardback, 210 x 198 mm, 95pp


Author: Peter Michels. Publisher: Verlag Walter Podszun (1996)
ISBN 3080072505

Vom Blitzkarren zum Grossen Borgward

This might be considered the ‘Borgward Bible’ as it covers the whole range of Borgward
production; Lorries, Buses, Light Commercials and specialist vehicles as well as cars.
Plenty of pictures, mostly in b/w but some in colour. The specifications for most models
are included, as are production figures. Also, rally, racing and record breaking successes.




German Text Hardback, 258 x 284 mm, 331pp.


Author: Georg Schmidt. Publisher: Motorbuch Verlag Stuttgart. (1982)
ISBN 3-87943-679-7

Borgward – Carl F.W.Borgward und seine Autos

A history of Carl Borgward. The development of his career and growth of his manufacturing
empire. B/w pictures of cars, factories, presentations and family.






German text. Hardback, 220 x 248 mm, 232pp.


Author: Christian Steiger and others. Publisher: Motorbuch Verlag (1999)
ISBN 3-613-01946-9

BORGWARD GOLIATH LLOYD Personenwagen 1931 – 1970

A compact, handy-sized, quick-reference book containing pictures and specifications for
many variants within the three marques. Good quality paper. B/w picture of each model.
As the book says, “Basic knowledge for car fans – model history, technical data, facts and pictures”.





German text Paperback, 140 x 204 mm, 127pp

ISBN 094-70797-7-7


This book tells the Borgward story from the Australian perspective./ It includes a compilation of interesting archival material, road tests and a history of the Borgward Group in Australia and the rest of the world by Marius Venz.






English, Paperback


ISBN-10: 3885201216

ISBN-13: 978-3885201212

Borgward. A Look Back

On the economic miracle, work and everyday life in a car myth.

This book has reached several editions, showing there are obviously many admirers of Isabella, the "dream woman of the fifties" it gives all Borgward fans, an overview of all models of the houses Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath and a history of the rise and fall. It is richly illustrated with photographs and documents. The everyday work in the factories from casting to spraying is shown.





German, Paperback


ISBN-10: 376881551X


Borgward Isabella Point by Point a Masterpiece

This new 112 page hardback book was published in Germany in 2004 by Delius Klassing, and is written by Peter Kurze, who has written previous books about Borgward. It is a fascinating history of all the Isabella models. There is a wealth of superb photos - 96 colour & 151 b/w. The book chronicles the Isabella from its launch in 1954, plus prototype photos. Models featured include Hansa 1500 Isabella, Isabella TS, Isabella Cabriolet, Isabella Coupe, 1957 Isabella, 1959 Isabella, 1961 Isabella.

There are many photos taken of the production lines and halls, plus photos of models on publicity tours in the Germany and Italy.



German, Hardcover. Recommended by club member Nick Cooper


ISBN-10: 3613031108
ISBN-13: 978-3613031104

Borgward: cars and trucks 1947-1961
Borgward Cars - 94 pages comprising a compilation of original West German brochures and other advertising material covering Borgward cars from 1949 to 1961. Models featured include Hansa 1500/1800/2400, Isabella coupe/cabriolet, Isabella TS, Isabella Combi, P100, Arabella & 230GL. There are 118 b/w photographs, plus 12 in colour. There is also a section featuring Mexican-built Borgward 230s.

Borgward Trucks - 94 pages comprising a compilation of original West German brochures and other advertising material covering Borgward trucks from 1947 to 1961. Models featured include B 1000, B 3000, B 1250, B 4000, B 2000, B 1500/ B 511, B 4500/B 555, B 2500/B 522, B 1500F/B 611, B 622, B 655. There are 112 b/w photographs, plus 12 in colour.

German, Hardback. Recommended by club member Nick Cooper


ISBN-10: 3927485519
ISBN-13: 978-3927485518

100 Years Bremen Cars

A new hardback book published in 2007 by Peter Kurze of Germany. The 96 page book with German text takes a chronological looks at cars built in Bremen from 1906 through to 1961. The book has 67 colour photos and 110 b/w photos. Whereas previous books from Peter Kurze have concentrated more on Borgward cars, this book looks more in detail at cars from Hansa, Goliath and Lloyd The book looks at Namag-Lloyd 1906-1913; Hansa-Lloyd 1914-1929 - veteran cars, trucks & buses; Borgward 1924-1944 - Goliath 3-wheeler, Goliath Superior, Hansa Matador, Goliath Pionier, Hansa 1100/1700, Hansa 3500, Borgward 2300, military trucks; Borgward 1945-1961 - Hansa 1500, Goliath GD 750, Goliath GP 700, Lloyd LP 300, Goliath Sport, Hansa 2400, Borgward Isabella, Borgward RS, Lloyd LP 600, Isabella Coupe, Lloyd Alexander TS, Lloyd Alexander coupe, Lloyd Arabella, Borgward P 100. There are also photos of many prototypes, and of motorsport activities

German, Paperback


ISBN-10: 376882599X
ISBN-13: 978-3768825993

Borgward Typenkunder. Goliath & Lloyd.

A new hardback book published in 2009 by Delius Klasing of Germany and written by Peter Kurze The 128 page book with German text takes a chronological look at post-war Borgward, Goliath & Lloyd cars, vans & light trucks. The book has 35 colour photos and 72 b/w photos.

The book looks at the following models - Lloyd LP 300, LP 400, LP 600, Alexander, Alexander-Frua, Arabella, LT 500/600; Goliath GP 700/900, Sport, GP 1100/Hansa 1100, Jagdwagen Typ 31/34, GD 750, Goli, GV 800, Express; Borgward Hansa 1500/1800, Hansa 2400, Isabella, Isabella Coupe, P100, B 3000, B 1000, B 1250/1500, B 2000/2500, B 4000/4500, B 622/655.

German, Hardcover

ISBN-10: 392748542X
ISBN-13: 978-3927485426

Borgward in Mind

Sophisticated Elegance in black and white

Paul Botzenhardt was one of the most important car photographer Germany.
At almost 100 pages there are wonderful photos of the various Borgward models usually "garnished" with pretty ladies of the '50s. Short texts complement each photo. written by Peter Kurze




German, Paperback


ISBN-10: 3927485438
ISBN-13: 978-3927485433

Silver Arrows from Bremen

Racing cars (Rennsportwagen) of the Borgward Works

Peter Kurze team have once again looked deep into the archive and have put together rare pictures and information about Borgward racing history.
Volume 7 of the series "cars from Bremen" includes 96 pages on which the history of the INKA-record car, the Borgward RS and the Cooper-Borgward Formula 2. The unique artwork is reproduced in decent quality. Superb.




German, Paperback


ISBN-10: 3768831450
ISBN-13: 978-3768831451

Carl F.W. Borgward man and Cars

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward (1890 1963) worked his way up from humble to the top of a major car manufacturer. As the inventor and producer of cheap cars, he opened up the car to the mass market and played an important role in the rapid motorization of Germany after the Second World War. The group of companies Borgward was in the postwar years to 1961 the largest industrial plant in Bremen and an important economic factor in northern Germany. At times there is more than 20,000 employees working in three car factories (Borgward / Goliath / Lloyd). On the whole, under Borgwards director were about one million vehicles produced from Hansa Consul in 1931 to the technically innovative and aesthetically successful Borgward Isabella and P 100 models. Sales declined in the early 1960s, and the state closed his businesses early summer of 1961
Publisher: Delius Klasing Vlg Gmbh (Jun 2010)

German, Hardback


ISBN-10: 146807783X
ISBN-13: 978-1468077834

Two Stroke Cars Of The Past

"Hi. I'm not a member - not even in the UK! But I am a DKW owner and Borgward fan from Australia. I thought I would pass along a link to a new book that has been published about two stroke cars. It's mainly focused on DKW, Trabants and Wartburg but it does have a section about Lloyd, Hansa and Goliath cars and trucks. It's not the most comprehensive book in the world but it is that rare thing - a book about mainly German cars in ENGLISH

Paul Markham"

Author Mark Telford

English Paperback A4 format and around 330 pages


ISBN-10: 3927485535
ISBN-13: 978-3927485532

Prototype Cars Borgward Lloyd Goliath

published in 2008 by Peter Kurze of Germany. The 96 page book with German text takes a chronological look at prototype and short-production run cars built in Bremen by Borgward, Goliath & Lloyd from 1937 through to 1972. The book has 57 colour photos and 178 b/w photos.

The book looks at Borgward cars 1937-64 - Windspiel, Export-Wagen, Hansa 1800, Traumwagen LB 2500, Hansa 1500/1800 Hebmuller & Rometsch, Isabella Deutsch cabriolet/coupe, P 90; Borgward sports cars 1953-54 - Hansa 1500 sport coupe/roadster; Borgward circuit racing & record-breaking cars 1950-58; Borgward commercial vehicles 1950-60 - Focke-Bus, B 2000/4000, B 2500, Projekt 141; Goliath 1951-60 - Hansa limousine, Sportwagen, 1951 Rekordwagen, Jagdwagen Type 31/34; Lloyd 1952-61 - 250 Spezial, 600 cabriolet, Kunstoff coupe, Michelotti coupe, Alexander-Frua, Arabella coupe, Arabella combi, 1954 Rekordwagen.

German, Hardback


Borgward Automobile Works, Construction, Bankruptcy and Economic Miracles

Klaus Brandhuber

The author, Klaus Brandhuber, describes how Carl FW Borgward built and led his group of companies. Facts kingdom, he proves why Borgward failed. He clearly identifies the causes and the responsible parties.

128 pages, 195 photos

German, hardback


1959 Better Ride Ride Borgward



A look back at the year 1959, on cars, people and everyday life at work Borgward, Goliath and Lloyd.



German, Paperback


Carl B. Volume 3: Borgward's homecoming - Hansa 2400

The well-known classic car collectors Hannes Mueller bought a Hansa 2400 some time ago, which was first registered in 1957 in the town of Varel. He quickly identified the seven previour owners and invited them over.. A brilliant idea, because there was a lot to tell. Author Winfried Kück made the meeting into a book.





German, Paperback


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