Borgwards In Argentina

May 2012

Hans Martin Adam and brother Carlos Adam, sons of Martin Carlos Adam have emailed regarding their fathers racing in 1959-60 with Oscar Marcolongo and the cars thay are restoring.


Two years ago they bought 3 Borgwards one blue one yellow and a yellow Cabriolet all in poor condition.

The cars are now being restored.

Cerramientos Martín
de Adam Juan Martin
Libertador 2280
Cp: 7109 Mar de Ajó
Tel: (02257) 605281



Tomas Alfaro from Argentina, with a group of friends integrate "Agrupación Borgward Isabella"

6 cars from Agrupacion Borgward Isabella in Galvez 2011

Federico Alfaro 1956 coupé

Tomas Alfaro 1962 sedan

2193 are

all pictures are in Galvez Racing Circuit, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We also are in youtube.. 1962 & 1956 ours cars in galvez 1956 with two carbs

email address..Tommy Tommy Boy

Javier E. Anselmo Goñi

Keen readers of the NewsSheet will have noticed that early in the year we recruited our first member from Argentina. Namely, Javier E. Anselmo Goñi, who is an officer of the Club Borgward Argentina. Javier and his brother, Hernan, are Borgward enthusiasts who participate in historical car revival meetings in Argentina.

The Club Borgward Argentina (CBA) was formed only recently with the object of perpetuating the memory of Borgward in Argentina, and the maintenance and restoration of those vehicles which have survived the years. Javier has kindly supplied me with information about the club, cars, and Borgward’s competition history. The Club has eighteen members plus six honorary members. The six were members of the original Borgward competition team in the 1960’s. At the time of writing, it is estimated there are 50 cars in existence, of which 25 are on the road and the other 25 either under restoration or in restorable condition. As well as Isabella Saloons, the following vehicles are known of: 1 P100, 4 Coupés and a few B611 commercials.

From 1952 until 1980 the Argentinian Government produced a popular truck called the “Rastrojero”. For the first decade of its production, this vehicle used the four-cylinder diesel engine from the B611.

The Borgward Company exported 1,050 Isabellas (mostly Isabella 60’s with a few TS’s for competition use) and 1,296 B611 commercials to Argentina. Referring to my Borgward ‘Bible’, I see the B611 was a light commercial van similar to the Bedford Commer or Ford Transit. Pete Grove’s Caravanette would have been based on a B611.

From mid 1960 until the beginning of 1963, Isabellas were assembled by Dinborg, in Argentina, from the stocks of German spares. The engine block, tyres, rubber parts and glass were sourced locally.

As well as used spares, of which there are plenty from dismantled vehicles, there are new spares available for the engine, clutch, brakes, water pump, etc.

Javier E. Anselmo Goñi

Javiar his brother and Mr Froilan Gonzalez the first winner with a Ferrari in Silverstone in 1950.

Some of the Argentinian Clubs cups

Borgward Competition History in Argentina

Borgward Factory Argentina

Javier's car modifications