34th Borgward International Meeting Dingolfing 2008


We set off early Wednesday morning-the start of an 1600 mile trip.

Nick Driscoll's and George Sinclair's Combis

Peter Grove's Big 6 P100

Nick resting on the ferry.

Peter Grove in action.

First stop Andernach. As the Rhein-Hotel was full we stayed next door an the Hotel-Anker.

Dinner-George samples the local beer.

Our final leg to Dingolfing, Peter Grove Norman Williams and Danny Peak discuss the route over lunch.

We stayed in the Maximilian Hotel Dingolfing close to the meeting.

Some cars were shot for a television program on Friday afternoon.


We met Wolfgang Morgenroth who worked for Borgward in Bremen between 1954 to the close in 1961

He explained how he felt he had to leave Bremen after the break-up when Karl Borgward was not even allowed into his own factory and the solvent business was forced to shut.

Fire truck for small fires in the beer tent?

Peter and Norman wanted to demonstrate the time taken to change a P100 air spring (under 10 min's)

George Sinclair's spare parts tables.

This year there were more remanufactured parts then ever.

All the cars took a trip around Dingolfing in the afternoon.

The evening buffet took place in the Town Hall with local entertainment.

The Borgward Drivers Club was represented by John Wallis, Norman Williams, Carol, Nick, Fiona and Rufus Driscoll, Michael and Jenny Gilmore, Danny Peak and George Sinclair.

Carol Driscoll won a prize for still coming to the international meetings in Germany at the age of 81. Here seen with her son Nick his wife Fiona. The flowers were presented by Hartmut Loges the German Club Chairman (right).

In the 1950's Dingolfing used to be home to the car company Hans Glas GbmH thay made motor scooters and "Goggomobils" later cars with V8 engines were produced. BMW took over the plant in 1966 and today there are about 20000 people working there.

Final preparations on Sunday for the 800 mile trip home.


We stayed in the Rhein-Hotel Andernach on our way home and Freddy the owner (right) told us "no engines or gearboxes in the rooms" this was after Nick Driscoll was seen taking some carpet into his room to dry 3 years earlier.

The Rhein flood Christmas 1993

We met up with some Series 1 land rovers on the way home returning from a European meeting.

Unfortunately we lost George and Peter on route as Norman didn't believe the Sat-Nav and they went there own way.

George and Peter at passport control

George just missing the 6pm Ferry


Peter had to hear all about missing ferry's from George.

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