29th Borgward International Meeting Essen 2003




29th International Annual Meeting dinner 28.08 - 31.08.2003

For the 4th Time a meeting was held in the city of Essen. This time a special occasion:

"30 Years of Carl FW Borgward community of interest"


We started our 'Hansa 1100' resulted in about 10 clock Netphen, our route over Olpe, Meinerzhagen, Schwelm after eating. After 4 hours of driving and two downpours we reached the destination point Grugapark.
Despite the overcast sky had already gathered some of the participants and their vehicles. Some parts traders built their stands and late afternoon was our exhibition area already well documented. Stood out as rarities, a several LP 300, Hansa "Pre-War", a B 655 trucks and various truck hoods.
From 19 to clock the Borgward enthusiasts met at the restaurant "Blumenhof" for a cozy evening. Friends and acquaintances met and make reminder calls for petrol has been raised.
On Saturday morning, participants could log on from ten nations. A total of 189 members this year's annual meeting. The weather had improved and the sun came out. The square in front and at the entrance of the Grugapark offered an appealing ambiance for our vehicles. Around the well was almost the whole Borgward production line strung.
WDR radio and food had run prior to advertising, radio food was also active on the site, so many enthusiastic and knowledgeable visitors einfanden.
At about 10.30 clock Mr. Loges then opened with Welcoming the participants run / visitors and run / the meeting officially. The mayor of the city of Essen, Mr. Small-Möllhoff welcomed all Borgward, Lloyd and Goliath friends and most cordial in his speech praised the efforts of car owners get their cars in this state as a cultural-historical mission. The Mining Food Orchestra played from 11.15 to 13.00 on the clock entertainment. From 12.00 clock the participants could strengthen to a strong goulash soup. With three historic coaches some Borgward the friends took a sightseeing trip to the attractions in and around food. The route led among others to Zeche Zollverein, Margarethenhöhe and Villa Hills. Furthermore, one could explore the Gruga train the park.
At 19.30 the first guests were welcomed with a glass of champagne in the "Blumenhof" for the anniversary celebration. After welcoming all participants and especially the honorary members, Mrs Monica Borgward Borgward Mr. Eric and Mr. Charles Guenther Bechem by the chairman Hartmut Loges was a chance to strengthen themselves at the buffet. Then the official part began with the first appearance of the black panther, a show dance group. It was followed by the ceremony of the members belonging to the IG for twenty years. Mr. Eric Borg Ward received an honorary trophy for the preservation of "family coupes." Continue to have trophies for special, awarded by a jury selected vehicles from Hansa, Lloyd, Goliath and Borgward. Even the youngest car owners were honored.
Merchel Lord gave a very convincing case hits by Elvis Presley, his voice was perfect. It was followed by another appearance of the dance group, this time interpreted the song "Isabella" of the flipper. Looking forward to the film for the 2003 annual meeting made ??a short video demonstration of Club friend R. Senftleben.
For the climax of the evening, Mrs. Monica Borgward donated an oil painting from the family collection. A 1953 portrait of the fabricated all of us valued Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward.
The Phoenix Five dance band then played for the dance. The already usual midnight raffle brought some of those present some interesting collector pieces, a Borgward flag a Borgward map of the city of Bremen and a towel from the Borgward factory.
On Sunday morning the members met again in Blumenhof at the annual general meeting be held. Like every year, few have followed the invitation.
began after the adoption of all participating Borgward friends by Hartmut Loges for some of the mining and loading of the club stand and cleaning the place. After work we went on our way home. At a railway crossing near the Baldeneysee we had an encounter with a steam locomotive. After four hours on country roads (only way you learn to know Germany) we reached our home tired but satisfied. Despite all the work, not always of good weather it was a successful meeting and three eventful days on which we remember for a long time back.

Until next year in Hann Munden

Ursula Klein and Wolfgang


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