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Borgward Argentina was founded on 1954 a joint venture of Carl F. Borgward GMBH Germany, and a group of Argentine industrialists. Its objective was the manufacture of diesel power plants to IAME (Aeronautics industries and Mechanical of the State) destined to equip the small lorry "Rastrojero", that was a great commercial success at the time. The engines were built in the plant that Borgward Argentina had built in Isidro Casanova, km 23.3km on the national road Nº 3. The plot had an area of 160,000 m² with 15,500m² of factory space. The plant produced 20 engines and gearbox sets daily or 35 sets in two shifts. The company employed 800 workers. When Borgward of Germany closed in 1961 the company was turned into a sole Argentinean company.

The Borgward Isabella also was made in Argentina by company DINBORG Argentine Industries Automotive S.A.C.I.F., a joint company formed from the state owned company DINFIA (National Direction of Manufacture and Aeronautical Investigation) and Borgward Argentina. Work commenced on 16th August 1960 by the extension of the Certificate of National Production 22.275/54 decree - art. 1º from the National Direction of Industry. The offices of the Directory of DINBORG were in Av. Corrientes 311 on the 9th Floor - Capital Federal (presided over by Mr. Rodolfo Freude and Commodore von Borosky) and the commercial offices located in the Province of Córdoba in the street Entre Ríos 109 – 5th Floor in the City of Córdoba.

The cars were made in the plant of DINFIA located in the national route Nº 9 692 km, in the locality of Ferreira, Province of Córdoba, Parts of the body and suspension came from Germany, and some parts were produced locally (glasses, tires, battery, hoses, etc). The plan formulated by the company was to produce 500 cars in 1960, and in the following year that would climb to 2,000 units. By 1962 /63 they would be building 3,000 cars a year, rising to 4.000 in 1964. Nevertheless, they were produced 1,050 units during the short life of the DINBORG.

The Borgward Isabella offered the only car in the Argentine market with independent rear suspension in those years. It was a prestigious car and of a high quality finish with all the details of the German version reaching an outstanding place within the Argentine production. The “Argentine" model corresponded to the German Standard 60 and were constructed in 4 series each one differentiated from previous by small changes and improvements. The first series (1960) and second series (mainly 1961) were identical to the German Standard model; the third series incorporated some details of the deluxe (1961); and in the fourth series made in 1962 used old stock from the now closed Bremen factory. This series difference had the dashboard and black steering wheel with new instruments as fitted in 1961 to the Big Six. Mechanically the four series are identical.

The sale price of the Isabella in November 1961 was of $ 485,000, that positioned it in the high end of the market, a long way from the concept of utilitarian, It was a sporting and beautiful car that that was good to drive. These facts out way the economic opinion. I will leave the academics with that and remember instead the glorious moments in Argentine sport motoring. The permanent duels with the Peugeots and the Volvos in the Standard Tourism category are still remembered today.

The Borgward B 611 truck light chassis was produced successfully between 1960 and 1962 with diesel or gasoline engines. Different bodies models from (low box, woody box, minibus, thermal van, etc.) made by individuals. The total production reached the 1,296 units.


Rastrojero-Borward 1962

Note the exhaust manifold thermostat downdraft inlet etc.

Javier E. Anselmo Goñi

Borgward Factory 1976



Javier E. Anselmo Goñi