45th Borgward International Meeting Hamburg 23-25th August 2019


Dear Club Friends

After we had meetings in big cities like Berlin, Bremen and Essen, it is finally time, to visit Hamburg, the Birthplace Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Borgward
The world city on the Elbe, which is characterized by shipping and has a population of around 1.9 million, is therefore also nicknamed Gate to the World

In addition to countless sights, the huge harbour area is called, which is controlled daily by gigantic ocean liners from all over the world. The venerable, baroque Michaelisk, former landmark of the city of Hamburg, towers with 132m height above the large urban area. Only recently has it been supplemented by the new one Eibphilharmonie.

But if you are looking for the nightlife in Hamburg, take a stroll through St. Pauli with the famous Reeperbahn a journey by itself.

The occasion of our Borgward meeting in this city, however, is a very special one: on 10.11.1890 our neighbourhood in the district of Altona was Company founder Carl F. W. Borgward born.After finishing school and studying, he moved to the Hanseatic city of Bremen, where he founded his first company, the "Bremer Kotflügel- und Kühlerfabrik", as a supplier to the auto industry as early as 1919. His first motor-driven vehicle followed in 1924,
the "light truck".The 1959 designed vehicles Lloyd Arabella, Borgward P 100 and the trucks B 622/655 celebrate this year's 60th anniversary - also the Hansa 1100 (model 60), which was produced and sold from the fall of 1959.

To the north, where we will be in the historical emigrant cent er in the district Veddei! From there, many people started a new professionals in far-off America.

We look forward to your visit and wish you a pleasant journey!

Hartmut Loges
Ulrich Kotte


Program 45th International Annual Meeting of the Carl P.W. Borgward IC e.V

Friday, 25. August 2019
13.00 Arrival of the first participants of the Emigration Museum "Ballinstadt", Veddeler Bogen 2, 20539 Hamburg
18.30 casual get-together in the museum restaurant, Schnitzelbuffet (costs € 20,00 to be paid with the entry fee)
Saturday, 24. August 2019
9.00 -12.00 Registration of the participants, parking of the vehicles
10.00 Welcome, vehicle show, parts market / petrol talks,
12.00 Lunch
13:30 Barge driving through the harbour for registered participants. Pier at the Ballinstadt (costs € 16,00 to be paid with entry fee) Limited number, participation after registration
16:00 Annual General Meeting for registered members
19.30 Festive evening in the "Privathotel Lindtner" with evening buffet, Heimfelder Straße 123, 21075 Hamburg (partial costs € 28,00 with entry fee to be transferred)
Sunday, 25. August 2019
9.00 Vehicle Show, Parts Market and Gasoline Talks Ab 11.00 Uhr Exit to Lüneburg.
Lüneburg Official end after the award ceremony.



Dinner in Aalst with Cris Guns

Problems with a sticking Carburetor.

Cris changed cars after the carburetor problem persisted.

Shrink ring let go and half shaft came out.

A temporary repair was made so the car could be transported back to Cris Guns.

historical emigrant centre

Privathotel Lindtner


Borgward/Lloyd Arabella and a new Borgward BX7

Borgward P100 and Hansa 2400 Pullman


Hartmut Loges arrives in Lüneburg

Monica Borgward

Repair in Cris Gun's garage helped by Patrick Mollard so we could all get home.

Waiting for the Eurotunnel train we met up with Chris Bass and his partner Annie.


John Wallis Chairman jbwallis@btinternet.com