John Rushbrook's Goliath 1100 Coupé

The restoration is almost complete now and John as been able to use the car on the road.

"The car handles quite well with less body roll than an Isabella but is not as supple being 'cart sprung'.

In many respects it handles like a Wartburg 311 (also cart sprung!) The ride is firm and the

seats soft also like the Wartburg but overall fride is much better then the 311.

Being a boxer, the engine the engine note is totally different to the Isabella sounding much like a

VW beatle but being water cooled not quite so raucous.

Its early days yet but the engine is bedding in nicely. It starts first time running evenly without hesitation.

I am sure that once it's run in it will be a little quieter as the rockers bed down.

Unfortunaly we couldn't get hold of new rockers and as the originals were worn so its always going to be a bit tappety,

it does seem an eager little engine."