37th Borgward International Meeting Korbach 2011

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37th International Borgward Meeting August 26-28th 2011

Korbach is the district seat of Waldeck-Frankenberg in northern Hesse, Germany. It is over a thousand years old and a former Hanseatic town

Panorama of Korbach from Eisenberg hill

On Tuesday 23rd August Nick Driscoll's Deutsch Coupé had no wings and No differential. Nicks step daughter Kailly had flown in from Sidney Australia to drive the car to Korbach so Nick had a lot of work on his hands as we were to catch the 8am ferry on the 25th!

All was ready by 6.00 am on the 25th.

Nick drove the first leg with Kailly and Rufus in the Coupé while Fiona drove the Combi with John Wallis. We missed the 8 am ferry but caught the 10am boat.

Fiona and Nick Driscoll resting on the ferry after many long nights work on the cars

After her rest Fiona was ready for a hearty Breakfast.

We arrived in Zeddam early evening missing the buffet in the chinese Fiona wanted but ate a very enjoyable meal there anyway.

We set off in the morning joined by Norman Williams, Ronald Duggen and Laurie Leddra in Norman's Saloon and George Sinclair and Danny Peak in George's Combi

We Stopped for fuel on our way before meeting up with Gavin Watson and his wife Liz in the Touric Hotel Korbach, our home for the next 3 days.

After an informal dinner and a few to many drinks the show started Saturday morning.

Gavin's car slowly drew a crowd.

People looking at the rear suspension modifications.

People looked at the brake modifications...

People just looked..

Very soon an orderly queue had formed.

There was lots to see other than Gavin's car.

New Isabella Coupé wood.

New light lenses and panels.

New Wiring Looms.

New Rubbers.

New Chrome. In fact, I have never seen so many new and remanufactured Borgward parts.

George Sinclair's stand

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