Nick Cooper 1960 Isabella TS


Nick Bought the car from Oliver Richmond Jones and it is now undergoing a respray and other repairs.


After I bought 270BLL - known as 'Billy' - I decided to put a bit of time, effort and money to improve him. The front brakes were stripped down, cleaned and adjusted and the blowing exhaust was welded up. The fuel tank was removed and welded up in various areas and was then coated inside and out. When it was refitted the sender unit was freed off and the fuel gauge started working again. The engine was given a tune-up and the timing reset. A new fuel pump was sourced from Rob Steen in Holland and the front window-winding units were rebuilt.
Cosmetically, I decided to go for a full respray and the car was painted by the son of a friend. The body was again done in Mazda Mariner Blue and the roof in cream. The dash was also repainted in cream and the instrument section in a Honda gold. The seats were cleaned with Jif and came up really well. I also fitted a 6-volt radio and speaker I bought on ebay and an 'A' pillar aerial. George Sinclair provided some better trims for the dash, a rear light surround and a diamond for the bootlid. Another rear light surround was sourced from German ebay. A new boot rubber was also fitted. along with some for the doors. I also bought some Atlas whitewall tyre trims from Turkey, a fishtail trim for the exhaust and a 'girlie' suicide knob for the steering wheel.




The result - a very smart-looking 'Billy', who attracts attention wherever he goes.

Nick Cooper