Nick Driscoll Coupé Restoration


OKY was resprayed in 1978

I count 4 crankshafts and 5 engine blocks !

1982 engine problems sorted.

Now the big rebuild starts 2008

Crossmember and front floor strengthening piece.

Strengthening area below windscreen so other repairs could be carried out.

Boot fitted to aid alignment of rear panels.

Inside boot.

Bracing body for sill replacement.

Floor sections ready for fitting soon

Sill removal. Door in position to help with alignment.

10 August 2008

Choosing an engine block and gearbox

May 2009

Tunnel and radius arm tool being made and setup on Combi

Coupé showing why tool was needed.

Alignment gig tool fitted to brand new sill member.

Bracing welded in to assist with rear chassis reconstruction.

Borgward Coupé OKY999 on axle stands for the first time in 12 years.

Radius arm and chassis leg.

Remains of rear chassis leg.

Rear Subframe removed for restoration.

Front subframe removed for repair and respray.

June 2009

The Alignment tool is now finished and had been setup using 2 cars.

Tool ready for fitment to OKY

the start of the long alignment process for the rear chassis.

To be continued..