Nick Driscoll Combi Restoration





Timing gear December 2011 update.

Nick Driscoll's Combi has covered many miles since it was recommisioned. Nick was driving to his mothers house when the timing gear failed. the gear had covered over 100,000 miles including 7 trips to Germany for the annual International Meetings and was not as quiet as it used to be.

The gear was replaced followed by new oil and oil filter the engine was the smoothest I can remember.

This turned out to be a bad omen as the next day on his way to work at motorway speeds power was lost and the engine started to vibrate. At first it was thought the new fiber valve timing gear had failed but as the ignition timing was spot on things were more serious. The noise only started over 2000 RPM so we thought it may be a big end bearing failure.


The engine was removed,

Sump unbolted, then all was revealed.

The filter was so blocked with remnants of the timing gear it had concaved in with the suction.

Big end shell where the bearing lead had melted.

Lead from the melting shell had plugged the crankshaft oilway.

So now its time for a new or regroung crankshaft a new set of shells and a thorough cleaning of the crankcase oil ways etc.

Update soon...