Paul Heard Isabella Coupé 1958


Paul Heard has sent some pictures of his Coupé Reg. VXA953.

He bought the car about two and a half years ago from a car restorer in Wales. It had stood in his yard for many years waiting to be restored but he decided it was uneconomic so sold it.


"The car is in a poor state but I have decided to restore it into initially into a rolling restoration."

May 2012
I have enclosed some photos of work in progress on my Isabella Coupe, reg number VXA 953. The front axle has been shot blasted, painted, rebuilt and fitted to a frame so that it can be tipped on its side or upside down and helps during various states of the rebuild to keep the axle steady for doing up nuts and bolts. I have now covered it up and put the front axle into a shed for storage ready for refitting to the car body

The door catch plate hole and rivet was rusted away so I made a new plate and latched up a new rivet and refitted it ready to be put onto the door.

The back axle, both the left and right hand halves have been fitted with new bearings and seals ready for fitting to the diff.
I have also made a frame to support the rear axle and the diff so that it could be worked on easier and for storage.

The brake pedal has a pin riveted to pedal work master cylinder and was badly worn so I made up a new pin and riveted it in ready for refitting at a later date.

I have lifted the body of the car into an octagonal frame so that I can roll the car to any angle for working on various parts, welding etc. Making the frames for the front axle, rear axle and the octagonal frame for the car body seems a bit extravagant but because I have bought another Isabella coupe, reg no. GSV 311 which I intend to restore in the future it seemed worthwhile.

The front wing and spare wheel carrier; although the wings look in poor condition they are repairable but I need two headlight bowls to weld in as they are badly rusted, if anyone has any? If any club members know any of the history of either of the Coupes, VXA 953 or GSV 311 I would like to know anything about either of them.
Thank you,

Paul Heard

More soon.