John Wallis 1960 Coupé 92 FLD


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Collection from Norman.

Ray has bought a rolling Isabella Coupé shell from Norman Williams and has started restoration. The shell and parts were collected from Norman Williams in Birmingham by Ray Marsh, Graham Florence and John Wallis on Sunday 19th Feb. to the car's new home in Surrey.


Work has started on the repair of the boot lid.

Sunday Feb. 19th 2012

Norman had labeled and boxed all the parts so collection of shell and parts was pain free.

On the ramp for a quick look.

Rear chassis leg and radius arm cup in poor condition

Ray wondering what he had bought.

Monday Feb 20th 2012

The Floor and outer sill were removed and spot welds ground down ready for new metal to be mig welded in.

Many old patches and repairs had to be ground away first.

Internal sill will requires extensive repair but it is boardline salvageable.

Front chassis extension section in good condition.

Nick Driscoll has "loaned" Ray his coupé floor so repairs could progress.

Tuesday Feb 21th 2012

The old floor just fell off the sound deadening mat being the strongest part

Iron oxide.

First fitting of floor panel.

Repairs start..

Wednesday Feb 22th 2012


Trial fitting of new floor.


Repair to A post door hinge mounting. The cages for the captive nuts will be welded in later.

Thursday Feb 23th 2012

Norman Williams has kindly "lent" Ray a set of radius arm sockets and caps he bought for his own car in Korbach last year.

Inner sill.

Chassis leg being readied for cap welding.


Friday Morning Feb 24th 2012

The radius arm caps are now welded in on both sides and arms temporally fitted.


The repaired boot lid has been fitted up for the first time.

Friday Evening Feb 24th 2012

The new floor is half welded in, the rear chassis legs and caps sorted seat belt mountings fixed but time has run out after a marathon week the coupé is going home as the 4 post lift is not available again for a while.

The next job is to sort though all the parts boxes find out other repair parts required and get them on order. I hope to pick up some parts in Essen next month.

MAY 2012

The car is back in a small garage while the panels are sorted.

Rear wing in primer.

June 2012

The car is now stripped of paint and repairs have begun

Rays new Workshop Tannery Lane Coachworks Note his Coupé in the corner.

Rust removal with sand blaster.


Work has now begun on the doors. The bottom skin half is being replaced and the base.


Ray has taken his engine apart and it will require a regrind and rebore.


Feb 2014

November 2016 work resumes

After a long pause work is starting again on Ray's Coupé we hope to have it finished by May 2017.

First job is to find all the parts and start the restoration process


To be continued.

John Wallis