Nick Driscoll Deutsch Coupé Restoration


Nick Driscoll had always wanted a Deutsch Coupé and as only about 7 were ever built he had to build his own. Very little information exists about the cars and as far as we know no original cars exist today and due to the factory fire Deutsch can't help so the car had to be built from the few photos that exist. Work started in 2002 in car that had already covered 250,000 miles in Nicks ownership.

Work started in August 2002 with the removal of interior trim etc.

The car was in very poor condition so a lot of repair work had to be carried out along the way.

The roof was cut moved forward and rejoined above the windscreen, the rear side windows were removed and sheet steel welded over the rear panel and sides, strengthening parts were fabricated and welded to the inside above the wheel arches and to the parcel shelf area. New toughened glass was made for the side windows and the door frames re welded so the glass would go up and down in the correct angle following the roof lines. The car wes then lead filled and primed.

VOV321 was driven to Germany in August 2004 for the International meeting in Hann. Münden.

Fiona looking for the cup holder with her husband Nick Driscoll.

30th Borgward International Meeting Hann. Münden August 2004.

Shortly after the successful trip the car had a major piston failure with the crown parting company with the skirt.She nearly made it home on three cylinders but as the water jacket had been breached the oil pressure eventually disappeared. It was a great loss as the engine was one of the best Nick had owned easily capable of 100 mph+ as shown in Germany earlier in the year.

Due to this and other more pressing commitments the car was garaged for the next 5 years.


Work started again in August 2009 when the work needed to realigned and weld Nick's Coupé 0KY 999 became more involved than originally thought. This gave us 4 weeks to rebuild the engine, repair and spray part of the body sort the brakes fix the electrics and pass the Ministry of Transport test ready for 35th International Meeting in Münster at the start of September.

to be continued.

Nick spraying VOV

2012 Running repairs.