Walter Heale 1957 Saloon WLY 474

I have been working hard to get my saloon running and back on the road for the AGM, the welding is now complete and the sill and A post are now repaired, the goal has been to get the car back to a good useable and presentable state.
The body panels have now been repaired and painted and the worst of the bubbling cut back.

Lots more to do to make the car really nice but I am getting there!

I have cleaned the underside of the car and all suspension and wheel-arches and then when nice and clean and free from any surface rust, painted and stone chipped where applicable.

The engine bay I have cleaned and re-painted where necessary, it has come up really quite well! with so much space to get round the engine it takes time and patience but is not too difficult, the effort is well rewarded and i encourage anyone to do the same!

The wheels I decided to return to their original colour of red and then fit a set of white wall trims (as so many original cars would have come with when new) I think the car looks really stunning with this combination - the wheels being so small they really need the whitewalls to balance the size of the car compared to its 13 inch rims.

Borgwards are great little cars this being my sixth! I have to say that a little time spent attending to detailing and making the most of your car can only encourage others to buy into the marque!


Borgward Isabella TS saloon
recently re-commissioned , a very rare solid car running very well , interior re-trimmed correctly , an older restoration carried out by Bremen Motors (Borward Specialist) which still looks very smart ( featured in a Classic & Sportscar article)
To be sold with a new MOT.
I have been offered an earlier car so this saloon is now priced for a quick sale.

Walter Heale

Price £3,750.00

Walter Heale