Alternative Parts
I am compiling with Nick Driscoll a list of replacement parts for the Borgward Isabella If you know of or have found any parts please email me the details and I will put them on this page.





Oil Filter

MANN Oil Filter (PF915N)

Borgward 071 306 9901

Amazon also can supply this Mann filter!

Sparking Plugs
NGK B6HS spark plug for 60 and NGK B7HS spark plug for 75
Contact Points

Intermotor part no 22480


Intermotor Part No 33540

Radiator Cooling Fan

Non viscous plastic multi blade radiator fan from 1970's Volvo or BMW. It is advisable to change the fan as the steel can fatigue, break up and damage the radiator bonnet etc.

Interior lights

VOLVO interior light lens 666539-2 is a direct replacement for the Coupé interior light lens.

VOLVO interior light lens and switch; AG1111G (662109-8)[ORD. 175290]

HALFORDS Thermostat; HTS606 works reasonably well.
Water Hoses

QUINTON HAZEL corrugated hose QH EH886; is better than the original bottom radiator hose.

QUINTON HAZEL QH742 with an inch removed replaces the top radiator hose.

Hose Connector
MGB (early cars) use a curved cast steel pipe connecting two large diameter hoses to a heater hose very similar to that used in Isabella's
Track Rod Ends
FIRST Line FTR4007 (RH Thread) and FTR4008 (LH Thread) used by Mercedes and VW
Front shock absorbers

Monroe R1504


Volvo P1800 P121 P122 Amazon

Rear shock absorbers


VW 111 513 031

Clutch Hydraulics Flexible Hoses
VOLKSWAGEN POLO (1977) front break hose replaces the short hydraulic clutch hose, [a fraction longer] or Brake Engineering Part no BH770565 applications BMW 3 & 5 Series rear hose '78 onwards and Audi 100
Weber 28 36 DCD carburettor replaces the T S. Solex. You will need a new adaptor.
VOLKSWAGEN GOLF GTI (early type) silencer and resonator works well.
Bright Trim
TRIUMPH HERALD bonnet spear can be cut to length and the rear rounded off by any halfway decent panel beater. This replaces the anodised aluminium one with stainless steel. It is fractionally wider but the difference is practically unnoticeable.
Boot Rubber

421 0047 K,NR

Petrol Pump
AC fuel pump filter and valve housings actually bolt on to the existing base of the original pump. All the holes line up and even the banjo bolts
screw in perfectly, although they sit at 10 o'clock and 4 o'clock rather than 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock. You do get a much bigger filter bowl which is glass (so you can see inside it)

Drain Cock

MGB (early cars) brass block taps fit although they need Teflon/PTFE tape to seal as they do not have a tapered thread and the on and off position is the reverse of that used in Borgwards.
Battery 6 volt

Hard rubber battery Type 404 Measures: 220mm Long x 170mm Wide x190mm Tall Lincon Batteries supply Type 404 in 71Ah, 79Ah or 102Ah capacities. However, there is a problem. The batteries are ‘dry charged’ and they will only supply with the acid to a registered company (eg. a garage or accessory shop) - not to private individuals.

Brake Hoses

Full sets of Brake hoses are available from Argentina via eBay for about £25 plus postage.
Stainless Steel are available from Group Harrington
Headlight Reflector
TVR or early VW Polo reflectors can be adapted H4 bulbs will then fit.
many parts for early Volkswagens These include headlight reflectors, wiper motors, shafts and arms , bulbs etc.
VH 44 Brake Booster Servo
VH44 Remote Brake Booster Servo for 4 wheel Drum Brake Fit this type as the usual ones are not suitable for drum brakes

Pilkington Classic Glass


Pilkington make laminated Isabella windscreens Saloon Coupé and Hansa 2400

Club member Neil Wilson has found some alternative parts.

Wards of Barrow in Furness can remake the Isabella Saloon Door quarter light glass with good rounded corners. To fit, you need to take out the horizontal (slotted) levelling nut and bolt from the winder.
Peugeot 205 bottom hose and windscreen rubbers fit the Isabella

Window Channels; Woolies No. 151; packed out in bottom of channel with 300 3mm*13mm black sponge. Borgs have deep channels. Outer glass weather-strip 255; inside strip 152; both glued on; no more scratches! Passed the winding & water check...very little leakage into doors.

To be continued.