31st Borgward International Meeting Andernach 2005


Nick Driscoll had just got his combi on the road so a week before we left the car had to be re sprayed.

Then to John Wallis's house and the ferry.

We met up with the rest of the cars driven by Peter Grove,Big Six, Nick Driscoll Combi, Dave Burt TS Saloon Olly Richmond Jones Isabella Saloon and George Sinclair Combi.

As we traveled though Belgium the weather deteriorated and Dave Burt's Wiper motor gearbox failed at the same time as the Exhaust down pipe split. John Wallis and Nick Driscoll made temporary repairs but it was 10 PM before we arrived in Andernach.

We booked into the Rhein Hotel that looked out onto the river bank and the event location.

A new down pipe and exhaust manifold were fitted to Dave Burt's Saloon .

A Coupé fitted with 6 cylinder Big Six engine was on display.

This year's meeting focused on the Goliath type 31 Army Car, whose 50th is in 2005 . Its development began in 1953 Delivery of the first prototypes for testing and comparison with products and companies DKW and Porsche in the years 1954 to 1956, including the army training company in Andernach. The Type 31 was powered by a two-stroke with 900cm ³ engine , fuel injection with an output of 40hp. From 1957, they built up a four-stroke boxer engine with 1100cm ³ and an output of 50hp. There are 17 left 4 specimens were represented in Andernach!

Peter Grove Resting.

Robert Richmond Jones Looking at a Lloyd Alexander.

Robert and son Olly.

Peter Grove enjoying the festive evening in the Middle Rhine Hall. musical entertainment was by the "Candy Band".

The following morning a route home was planned by Norman Williams and Danny Peak.

Breakfast on the last day.

Waiting for the ferry home.

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