39th Borgward International Meeting Essen 2013

40th anniversary year 23rd to 25th August 2013

Dear Club Friends,

We cordially invite you to our 39th Borgward meeting in Essen the 2010 Capital of Culture.

Our club will also 40 years old this year. We would like to celebrate This special anniversary with you in an appropriate way.

The venue we have chosen the historic 1885 Dampfbierbrauerei (brewery) in Essen-Borbeck. In 1993 we celebrated our 20th anniversary there. Experience a city sightseeing tour and of interest,the UNESCO World Heritage Site Zeche Zollverein, once the largest coal mine in the world, the Baldeneysee the Villa Hills and many other interesting places. You might want to change the interest of the industry to the city desk in Germany, global companies like ThyssenKrupp are established here you may want to explore in your own way with a short holiday.
Near the brewery we have, pre-booked some rooms at special prices. A reservation must be made by you but. Reservations at all hotels at these rates must be made before 28 June 2013!

Hotel Am Schlossberg Park, Borbecker Str 183, 45355 Essen (brewery entrance
350 m), phone (49) 02 01/67 50 01, fax (49) 02 01/68 77 62 E-mail: ser-
vice@hotelamschlosspark.com 9 Single room € 52, 7 doubles € 69.
Book under Sichwort "Borgward-Treffen”.(Borgward meeting)
Hotel Haus Gimken GmbH, Schlossstr. 182, 45355 Essen (brewery entrance 800m), Tel. (49) 02 01/86 70 80, Fax 02 01/7 68 08 88, E-Mail: info@hotelgimken.de Single room 60€, double room 80€ inkl. breakfast(Res.-Nr. 65720), Stichwort „Borgward-Treffen".(Borgward meeting)
Hotel Wilhelmshöhe, Frintroper Str. 189, 45359 Essen, (Entfernung zur Dampfe ca. 1,5 km), Tel. (49) 02 01/60 64 04, Fax 02 01/69 07 51, E-Mail wilhelmshoehehotel@t-online.de, 22 double room 60€, 7 singles 40€, 2 Apartments 100€. All rooms with TV, fridge, internet, parking in the yard. Book under Stick word "Old timer meeting”

As other hotels in the immediate vicinity are not available, room bookings must be made through the tourist office of the city of Essen, Am Hauptbahnhof 2, 45123 Essen, Tel (49) 02 01/194 33 . Attention! The entire Ruhr region was declared a green zone.

Have a safe journey and look forward to seeing you again!

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Theses are some pictures of the event.


39th International Meeting Carl F.W. Borgward I.G. 23 to 25 August 2013 Essen 40th anniversary
Friday 23August
From 1 pm Arrival of participants in the Brewery, Heinrich Bruns 9-15.
  From 6.30 pm : get-together in the ballroom. dinner optional
Sat. 24 August
9 to 12 am: Registration of participants brewery. Setting up the vehicles
  11 am : Welcome, car show, autojumble and car talk.
  12.am: lunch
  1.30 pm: City Tour for registered participants
  7.00 pm: festive evening in the ballroom.
Sun. 25th August
9 am :Setting up the cars in the Brewery.
  11am: surprise convoy
Program subject to change.