Graham Mander Borgward Isabella Combi

Earlier this year I decided to look for a Combi with building a Pick-up in mind, after asking around I called Seth Kennedy to see if was interested in selling his Combi, not wanting to sell his and during our conversation he mention he and his friends had see one in a garden in Somerset. So after looking through old Membership Lists I found a Somerset member Mr. Smith.

I rang to see if it was available for sale his son informed that his father had passed away a few months earlier and the cars were now for sale, Cars? yes there were 2 a Combi and a Saloon so off I went along with Colin Fortham to view them on our arrival the 2 Isabellas were nose to tail in the garage where and partially dismantled

A price was agreed and we brought the pair.

The Isabellas were collect and are now under restoration.

Engine bay was sand blasted when the restorer removed the wings more corrosion was revealed on the body tub








More to follow !!!!

Graham Mander