43rd Borgward International Meeting Herrenberg 25th to 27th August 2017

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Dover waiting for the ferry

Cris Gun's house in Aalst near Brussels where we stayed the night.

Cris had got hold of some original dealer BORGWARD letters.

We went to Aalst town square to eat dinner

Next day we travelled down to Harrenberg with Cris Guns old saloon in tow

Tea and cake at Roland Uschi's house where Cris left his trailer.

Cris's Saloon had not been driven for many years but ne was determined it should arrive under its own power.

Bit of overheating but all was O. K.

Nick Driscoll's P100 in action.

Chinese dinner in Herrenberg.



Very popular car the P100

Herrenberg old town

View from the clock tower in the Old Town

Central Brussels

Tail tail oil showing Norman's car had been waiting for me.

Nick's car overheated in Brussels and with all the messing about I got left at the side of the road but Cris came to the rescue.


Breakfast in Aalst

Waiting for the ferry home after a FAB weekend.

Borgward Engine Oil presemted to the Borgward Drivers Club.

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