19th Borgward International Meeting Lüchow 1991


Lüchow 1991
This year the main annual German Borgward meeting was held at Luchow, a small town near the old East German border 405 miles from our arrival on the Continent, this year being Hook of Holland. Only 3 Borgwards from the UK attended the meeting - Gordon Hobb's L.H.D. Coupe, Peter Grove's Big 6, and my Combi. The weather for the whole trip was ideal, each day being warm and sunny. Luchow and the surrounding countryside, including some of old East Germany was rural and very picturesque. The opinion of everyone I spoke to was that this was one of the most enjoyable meetings in recent years, being very comparable to Traben Trarbach where both the location, weather, and friendliness of the crowd made it a very good Borgward meeting. The organizers had expected 120 vehicles to attend but approximately 160 vehicles, mainly Borgward Isabella’s attended, including 4 cars
from old East Germany. This must create a difficult situation for the organizers when catering for these meetings, which somehow they always overcome. This year the entrance fee was 70DM per vehicle for non-German club members. Each car receives a gift, luncheon vouchers at midday for occupants of car, hire of hall, etc. However for paid- up German club members the entrance was free. This being the case, it was cheaper for the UK and other non-German club members to become a German club member for 60DM. The prizes were
donated by S.K.F. bearings who have a factory within the locality of Luchow, who also helped with sponsorship.
For those who are now members of the German club, please note that their membership year runs from February to February. This means that in order to receive the "Rhombus" and any other information on a regular basis, at the time it is issued, one needs to pay the membership fee before February of each year. If members pay and join the club in September of each year, which is the usual time for the annual meeting, they will receive all magazines and information backdated to February. This means that you will have received information perhaps after events have taken place earlier in the year, rather than at the correct time of the year if you had paid your membership in February. UK Club members also please take note!
I would like to thank Gordon Hobb and his son David for their willingness and enthusiasm in organizing and booking the ferry and Hotel accommodation for this year's trip. I would also like to thank Ewald Kause from Hamburg who, with the help of people from the Danish club, and others, located and handed to me in Luchow various very difficult to obtain spare parts for some of our club members with Hansa, Goliath and Lloyd cars. I will hand these parts over to the various owners and let us hope that we shall see these vehicles on the road and attending events in the near future.
Next year's German meeting is provisionally proposed to be held in Southern Germany, near Manheim where I hope we will see a greater representation of Borgwards from the UK in attendance.