Matt Hunt 1960 Isabella Coupé

History of 3083PL in the 1980's .

Matt Hunt bought his Isabella Coupé from Vincent Palmier and returned the car to the U. K. in January 2013. The car had been in Malta for 6 years.

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Matt's Trimming restoration page.


Although the car looked in fair condition closer examination showed a total restoration of the paint bright work and trim was needed.

The car was dismantled ready for a full re spray.

The shell was then transported to the spray shop.

While in the spray shop other parts are being restored

The wheels are being sent for sand blasted prior to painting.

The wood trim is being re veneered and polished by SilverCrest Woodwork & Design

The chrome is being replated and .

New rubber seals and wing piping are on order and the interior has been sent to the trimmers.

The body was prepared by Jamie Rhodes at BODYART paintworks Guildford in February 2013

First Jamie stripped and sanded back the body. before removing the wings.

The shell is in exceptionally good condition and no welding was required before painting could commence.

The car in primer ready for flattening back.

The shell was then sprayed all over in red the predominant colour.

White was then applied before final polishing and checking by Matt's better half Fiona.

Refitting engine and gearbox.

Matt's wood trim being restored at SilverCrest

Carpet out Hammerite done we noticed new floor pans been fitted lucky me!

I am getting all of the inside of the panels stripped, primed, stone chipped
and painted in body colour so hopefully it should last another 60 years !!!

Jamie is now preparing the wings and doors etc.

Rear wings now refitted with new wing piping not an easy job.

Engine should be running next week.

The wood is now back having been repaired, re-veneered lacquered and polished. "The quality is fantastic" Matt

The steering wheel has been repaired and repainted in two pack.SilverCrest have done a superb job.



Daisy Hunt the first family member to sit in the car !!!!

The finished Coupé.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show NEC Birmingham November 2013

Matt's Trimming restoration page.

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