Matt Hunt’s 1958 Coupé to Deutsch Convertible


August 2013

Strip down and parts restoration page here

Welding shell conversion and painting page here

Reassemble page here

Finished car here

Car as found an abandoned project.

Mid engine instead of passenger seat

The car was brought down to Matt's by fellow Borgward Cabriolet owner Graham Mander.

Matt will now prepare the car for Anjo.

So far considering the car had been outside for many years the shell in good order although many parts appear to be missing.


The engine will require a lot of work as it has been left outside and consequently was full of water.

The car will be transported to Holland for Anjo Bosman to repair, install necessary strengthening, fit the hood and spray before returning the completed shell to Matt for reassembly in the UK in 2014.

Bosman Classics Body Restoration Page.

Anjo's first look at his new conversion.

Anjo and Matt.

Body rebuild and restoration page here

Matt will rebuild the engine wiring loom front and rear subframes trim etc while Anjo has the body.


Matt bought a new old stock block and camshaft from George Sinclair.

New pistons and camshaft




Engine will be test run in a frame before being fitted to the shell next year.



Matt tried Rob Steen's saloon on the way to his house after seeing how Anjo was doing on the shell.

Matt and Rob looking at a radiator blind.

Rob's Steen's Coupé will be running in 2014.

Jan 2014



Matt has built a test bed to run the engine before installation, the engine has run for several hours on test and is now ready when the shell returns later in the year.

Front subframe ready for fitting.

Rear subframe now ready for fitting.

First Part of 5 wiring looms now ready

Body repairs by Bosman Classics.

Matt's shell undergoing restoration and conversion click here.

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