Matt Hunt 1957 Isabella TS Saloon

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Matt has started the restoration of his new Saloon The car shell is in extremely good condition requiring only minor welding to the floor.

As you can see all of the old tar etc has now been removed. All of the rot has now been found,cut out and new metal welded back in its place. The next step will be to install a more modern rust protector to floors inside and out including all of the inside of the wings etc.



No protection or paint inside.


The stripping of arches and floor is now complete and all holes patched up and degreased. The Borgward body is now ready for the painting stage. Anew paint system will be used for these areas. The first coat on clean steel will be epoxy mastic rust proofing paint. Any areas such as the interior floor and cavities will be treated with rust converter before the epoxy then cavity wax.

All areas taken back have had 3 coats of the epoxy with ample time to cure between coats. The inside of the sills have had a liberal coating of rust converter injected via extra drain holes (4 per side). Any exposed seams between panels will be sealed with polyurethane to replace that removed during cleaning.
Matt Hunt.

The car is now on the spit so the underside can be sorted

The underside of the car has now been stone guarded and sprayed body colour.

Just the doors!

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More soon.

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