24th Borgward International Meeting Seigen 1999

Report to the 25th International Meeting
The 25th Club Meeting of Carl FW Borgward IG found in this year of 27 -29.8.99 Victories in place.
At the beginning of this report would like to thank the writer for the effort and the many hours that must be expended for such a festival, at the club and his friend Werner Saßmann helpers. Each of us knows how much work behind it, if he wants to host a major celebration in the private sector. So again thank you very much.
On Friday afternoon, the first members trickled to about 14 ° ° clock. Everything was well prepared and marked locally. Everyone immediately found a suitable parking area at the Siegerlandhalle. The first friends and acquaintances were welcomed and we had plenty of time to chat with each other.
The annual meeting at 19 ° ° clock were 83 members. As always, it was very busy here and there were many issues and questions addressed. Over all the details are elsewhere in this issue protocol information printed. Then there was a get-together with food and drink at the restaurant Siegerlandhalle.
On Saturday morning we went off properly. Starting at 10 ° ° clock park in front of the light and on the parking deck was almost fully occupied. Who the sight of counted 159 cars - each one more beautiful than the other - could enjoy, will not soon forget the meeting. Of course, the good God with the best weather that has contributed to his own. But still - the common denominator in the hobby is still best expressed in those meetings. Therefore I appeal at this point to all club-friends, the next meeting in 2000 but are also once again, with or without a car and enjoy our passion in this big circle.
At 11 ° ° clock, there was the obligatory greeting words of our Chairman Hartmut Loges and the Siegen mayor. A local brass band saw their music for pleasant conversation. The administered around noon soup probably has every tasted.
ends search for the replacement part was certainly wins a paradise again. The writer has the impression that the supply is always greater. In any case, we saw many club friends with parts under the arm dash to their cars to then immediately back to go stalking can.
Up to a friend, who unsuccessfully sought roof trim for his lsabella Coupe, I spoke to no one who is not satisfied was with his yield. Even so worth it to participate in our annual meeting.
to exit through the beautiful country champion then started at 14 ° ° clock 73 vehicles from the Borg Ward on the way. The rapporteur could not attend himself, but only has a lot of positives in the evening heard about this tour.
Until the beginning of the gala evening at 19 ° ° clock then each had enough time to rest in the quarters or for the festivity, beautiful to make. "
The high point - and for our partners - is probably still the Saturday night event so much anticipation -.. and this festival was organized really well and managed well
at the opening was H. Loges a short speech in which he showed among other things. various anniversaries of the House Borgward out:
40 years Arabella
P100 40 years
50 years pontoon 1500
Hansa 65 years 500
75 years, lightning "- motor trolleys
Subsequently, the buffet was opened, which was adequate and excellent. Since this time also enough staff was available, had no complaints about unreasonable delays.
During this festive feast was then the main load-bearing - our friend Werner Saßmann - his welcoming speech, pointing others to the connection of the house Borgward Siegen steel industry. In victories have always been known as deep drawing sheet steel manufactured in best quality for the automotive companies.
friend Saßmann also read a message from our Honorary member Dieter-Thomas Heck ago in which he thanked for the invitation to the meeting, but canceled with the best wishes from time constraints, unfortunately . had
Subsequently, it was the mayor - in the typical for the victory Erland dialect - a brief welcoming speech. His information about the victory Erland and the lives of the people - then and now - were safe for any interesting and instructive. He thanked them on behalf of the citizens for coming and H. Loges-handed an honorary award. . Also, the audience showed his appreciation with loud applause
Continue the celebration went with Live Music - a two-man band. That can be disputed splendidly about music and not always fully satisfy every taste can be made, notice is also on this Saturday evening. But the band has made every effort, even if it was not always able to attract all members of the IG's floor.
A special highlight was the appearance of a then young jazz dance troupe. Not only men, we had our great joy at the successful performance of these beautiful women. The subsequent roaring applause from the whole room, "forced the group to the required addition.
After this demonstration could then again every dance or even make his 3rd or 4th gear to the buffet.
In the course of the evening were the esteemed honor trophies presented,. including the Femreisenden, for the representatives of other clubs, etc.
. Another highlight came at 22 ° ° clock the Magician "Raselli" on the stage and delighted our members, the applause was followed accordingly.
23 ° ° have Against the Clock winner of the afternoon exit awarded their trophies at the faces of the winners could be read, had the enthusiasm and joy, she took part in this trip..
Next step away the evening with dancing and entertainment, too, in the foyer of the ballroom -. poured into the cask beer .-was amused to be delicious
.. At midnight it was then to go to the clerk time to bed For others, however, was not far from the end
on Sunday morning you could see why at breakfast so many with curly forehead and the waiter was discreetly after a Aspirin asked. But one also for a hearty celebration.
The sunshine laughed at all Borgward, Lloyd, Goliath and Hansa friends, when the place was entered with the beautiful cars again. The conversations among peers and the haggling over the price of a looking for part continued.
At noon it came slowly to the general movement. Everyone went back briefly over the place to say goodbye to the still present friends and to wish you a safe journey home.
rapporteur will keep this meeting in Siegen very long in the memory ,. because of the beautiful area
. In this way, thanks again to the organizers and helpers I'm looking forward to the next meeting of all members next year.

Best regards
Hans Krutzek

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