30th International Borgward Meeting België Waterloo 6-8th June 2014

Borgward Club Belgie website for more on the Belgium club

The meeting took place in the inner court yard of Martin's Grand Hotel

1954 Diesel Hansa 1800

Luc Butzen and Nick Driscoll

Saturday afternoon we Travelled in convoy to the Villers La Ville abbey ruins.

Fiona Driscoll

Cris Guns and Lieve Butzen the event organizers.

We had a wonderful dinner with music and dance in the evening.

Sunday morning we set of to see The Lion's Mound ” Panorama & Visitor's Center at Waterloo.

Lieve trying to organize us for the group picture.

Lunch in Martin's Grand Hotel

We all enjoyed ourselves and will be back next year. any other members who want to come along as well please get in touch with me

John Wallis