_John Wallis 1957 Borgward Hansa Pullman 2400 Disassembly


I have set up a number of pages to show the rebuild progress.


I may need a new battery.

VIN number everywhere 295532

Fuel tap. Z- off, A - on R - reserve

Tank out.

John Wallis removing trim

Dashboard removed and all wiring grommets etc only the peddle box and accelerator linkage now.

Wiring loom out a new one will be made and this used as a pattern

Peddle box out.

While heating up the rear wing to free the petrol flap hinge I inadvertently melted some of the finishing lead. It is rumoured that 200Kg of lead was applied to each car before spraying.

The bellhousing has 2 mountings to support the back of the engine and gearbox. The front subframe mountings have all but collapsed after 55 years.

The gearbox looks the same as that used in the Isabella but without the rear mounting.

Floor in superb condition.

Removing front wing screws.

Engine subframe cradle.

Front door locks heat was required to liberate them from their handles.

Rear engine mount on bell housing. cast iron used in Pullman gearbox.

Pullman 2400 Flywheel top and P100 bottom

Doors off.

Hinge packing welded in then disassembled for priming. The car was then given its final spraying with all panels attached and interior masked.

Bottom of doors in excellent condition.


The seats are in good condition and by the look of things all a clean, repair and part recolour should bring them up.

Battery tray repair.

More bits.

leading had to be removed from sills prior to repair, it is rumoured that 200KG of lead was used in the finishing of each body in white.

Sill from below

After repair the area was painted in Bondaprimer then sprayed in stone chip to match the original Borgward finish.

After power washing and checking the arches will be fully sprayed.

27th August 2012

Seatbelt nut let into side of door pillar.

Rear seatbelt support nut with strengthening plate.

Seatbelt mounts being welded into position

Subframe insulating mounting rubber cone and locator.

Front subframe partially dismantled

Worn lower trunnion.

Left and right lower trunnions. The one on the left is worn and the one on the right has been repaired in the past by filling with brass then machined.

Front subframe refitted until repair parts sorted.

Dents being knocked out .


All the chrome was delivered to Silvabronz in Alton for repair and replating.

Parts ready for re plating.

ATE T50 brake servo

ZF steering box with new seals and a paint.


If you have any information or parts to help me or require help with your Borgward please email me jbwallis@btinternet.com or phone 0044 (0)1932352238


John Wallis