_John Wallis 1957 Borgward Hansa Pullman 2400 Power Steering Retrofit.


I have set up a number of pages to show the rebuild progress.


When introduced the Pullman was noted for it's heavy steering. The ZF steering box was very quick but, due to the car's weight, heavy. So, I am fitting electric power steering.

Opel/Vauxhell Corsa electric power steering from Ebay with controller.



After trial fitting for lengths the column was cut and professionally welded to the new steering system.

Final system trial run showing the bottom modified shaft.

The motor lives under the dashboard the controller will be fixed to the bulkhead later.

If you have any information or parts to help me or require help with your Borgward please email me jbwallis@btinternet.com or phone 0044 (0)1932352238