_John Wallis 1957 Borgward Hansa Pullman 2400 Engine


I have set up a number of pages to show the rebuild progress.


This is the start of the engine work on the car . The engine has the same pistons and stroke as the Isabella. The P100 engine was derived from this so the internals are the same although the block is a slightly different casting.

The engine is seized so I will remove the head and try penetrating fluid first.

Double points distributor with the odd bit missing I bet its fun to setup!

Head off.

Still seized even after penetrating oil in all pots.

The bellhousing has 2 mountings to support the back of the engine and gearbox. The front subframe mountings have all but collapsed after 55 years.

The gearbox looks the same as that used in the Isabella but without the rear mounting.

Engine out!

Engine apart at last the crankshaft looks fine but some of the pistons are corroded They are oversize so some work has been done in the distant past.


Pistons being heated on old iron to remove gudgeon pins.

Disc oil filter cleaned.


The engine now back from the machinist the crank is being trial fitted.

Engine being assembled on bench.


Water outlet tapped into head to aid cooling



If you have any information or parts to help me or require help with your Borgward please email me jbwallis@btinternet.com or phone 0044 (0)1932352238


John Wallis