_John Wallis 1957 Borgward Hansa Pullman 2400 Parts Restoration.


I have set up a number of pages to show the rebuild progress.

The wiring loom was very corroded and brittle so needed to be replaced.

New cables were ordered to match the original colours and and specification.

The old cable was laid out and new cable matched. After sleeving, the connector tabs were soldered into place where required.

Cabin loom. The car has 5 looms front left, front right, rear, switch and column

Old loom on left and new on right ready for fitting.

The water pump has been disassembled ready for new seal and bearings.

Water pump back together.

New old stock front trunnion set ready for fitting.

The wood trip has been delivered to Silver Crest Woodwork and Design for restoration.

Polishing and buffing wheels on right.

Waterfall spray booth.

Veneer store

After repair parts are veneered, lacquered than polished with finer and finer glass paper before final buffing up.

Most of the pullman wood is now veneered and will soon be lacquered and polished.

Frames were built to support the surrounds for lacquering.

All wood is now veneered & lacquered, it will be flattened& polished next week.

Rear quarter light parts being resembled after chroming.

Quarter lights fitted.

Screws gaskets etc. ready for fitting.

ATE T50 servo now rebuilt.

Rear subframe ready for restoration.

Fatigue crack in rear back plates.

The crack was enlarged then welded.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL swing axle universal joints at the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center.

Mercedes-Benz 300SL swing axle showing differential side bearings.

Borgward Pullman swing axle showing differential side bearings.

New rear wheel bearings fitted with Special Nuts.

Rear subframe ready for refitting with new boots, bearings, seals, wheel cylinders and adjustable Spax shock absorbers.

Rear heater cross pipe remade in copper.

Door locks repaired.

Rear seat frame repair.

Car Reassembly

If you have any information or parts to help me or require help with your Borgward please email me jbwallis@btinternet.com

phone 0044 (0)1932 352238

John Wallis